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Books we have bought Subject Money you will receive
AQA Biology for AS Biology £5.00
AQA Biology AS Biology £4.00
AQA AS-Level Biology (The Revision Guide) Biology £0.25
Data and Data handling for AS Level Biology Biology £1.00
Exam Revsion Notes AS/A-Level Biology Biology £1.50
AQA Chemistry AS Chemistry £3.00
OCR Chemistry AS Chemistry £4.00
Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry Student Book Chemistry £4.00
AS-Level Chemistry (The Revision Guide) Chemistry £0.50
OCR Revise Chemistry AS (second edition) Chemistry £3.00
AS/A-Level Chemistry Essential Words Dictionary Chemistry £0.50
Complete Chemistry Chemistry £0.20
Advanced Sciences, Transition Elements OCR Chemistry £0.20
AS-Level Chemistry OCR A (The Revision Guide) Chemistry £0.50
Aeneas and the Roman Hero Classical Civilisation £1.00
In Search of the Greeks Classical Civilisation £1.00
The Ancient Olympic Games Classical Civilisation £1.50
Women’s Life in Greece & Rome (third edition) Classical Civilisation £1.75
The Odyssey Classical Civilisation £2.00
Sophocles Oeddipus Tyrannus Classical Civilisation £0.50
AQA Design & Technology: Product Design (3-D Design) AS/A2 Design & Technology £4.00
Nuffield Design and Technology: Product Design Design & Technology £0.25
Advanced Design and Technology (second edition) Design & Technology £1.00
Cressida Drama £0.25
Blood Brothers (studio scripts) Drama £0.25
Teechers Drama £0.20
Acting Anthology (volume 2) Drama £1.00
Economics A Level (fifth edition) Economics £5.00
Edexcel AS Economics: Unit 1: Competitive Markets, How They Work and Why They Fail Economics £2.00
Edexcel AS Economics: Unit 2: Managing the Economy Economics £2.00
AQA Economics AS Economics £3.50
AQA A-Level Economics for A-Level year 1 and AS Economics £5.00
Doctor Faustus English £0.20
Oxford Student Texts: John Donne: Selected Poems English £1.00
The Importance of Being Earnest English £0.50
An Inspector Calls English £0.20
Critical Studies: The Great Gatsby English £0.50
The Great Gatsby English £0.25
Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (international Students Edition-7th edition) English £0.10
Othello York Notes Advanced English £1.00
Selected Poems: Robert Frost English £0.80
Pride and Prejudice (Hard copy) English £1.00
King Lear-Heinemann Advanced Shakespeare English £0.75
Othello-Heinemann Advanced Shakespeare English £0.75
King Lear-York notes advanced English £1.50
Romeo and Juliet (Revised Edition) English £0.20
Macbeth-Oxford School Shakespeare English £0.50
Twelth Night-Cambridge School Shakespeare English £1.00
Romeo and Juliet-York notes Advanced English £0.50
Romeo and Juliet-Longman School Shakespeare English £0.50
The Tempest-Cambridge School shakespeare English £0.50
Romeo and Juliet-Cambridge School Shakespeare English £0.50
The Merchant of Venice-Cambridge School Shakespeare English £0.50
Hamlet-Cambridge School Shakespeare English £1.25
Pride and Prejudice-York Notes Advanced English £1.00
Dubliners English £0.20
Perfume the story of murderer English £0.20
Frankenstein English £0.20
Tales from Ovid English £0.20
Tout Droit AS (third edition) French £2.00
Le Bescherelle Pratique French £1.00
Le Misanthrope French £0.50
Candide French £0.20
AQA AS Geography Geography £3.00
GCSE Geography Exam Revision Notes Geography £0.50
AQA AS Geography: Unit 1:Physical and Human Geography Geography £2.00
AQA AS/A2 Geography: Units 2 & 4a: Geographical Skills Including Fieldwork Geography £1.00
Tales from Herodotus Greek £1.00
Edexcel GCE History: Henry VIII: Authority, Nation and Religion 1509-1540 History £2.00
Edexcel GCE History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany, 1900-45 History £2.00
China 1900-76 History £2.00
China In Transformation 1900-1949 (second edition) History £1.00
From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-1945 for Edexcel (Access to History) History £1.00
Government and Reform: Britain 1815-1918 (second edition) History £1.50
Britain & The Great War History £1.00
Edexcel GCE History: Britain and the Nationalist Challenge in India 1900-47 History £1.50
The Arab-Israeli Conflict History £0.20
The Cold War History £1.00
Spain 1474-1598 History £1.00
AQA History AS: Unit 2 – The Impact of Chairman Mao: China, 1946-1976 History £1.00
The Unification of Italy 1815-70 (Third edition) History £2.00
Spain 1474-1700 History £1.50
The People’s Republic of China 1949-76 (Second edition) History £1.00
Luther and the German Reformation 1517-55 (Third edition) History £2.00
Britain and India 1845-1947 History £2.00
The Italian Risorgimento (2nd edition) History £0.75
Heinemann History Scheme, The Early Modern World (book 2) History £0.20
Wild Swans History £0.50
AS-Level Mathematics Edexcel Core 1, The Revision Guide Maths £1.00
AS-Level Mathematics Edexcel Core 2, The Revision Guide Maths £1.00
Core Mathematics 1 (Heinemann Modular Mathematics for Edexcel AS & A-level) Maths £2.00
Core Mathematics 2 (Heinemann Modular Mathematics for Edexcel AS & A-level) Maths £2.00
Head Start to AS Maths Maths £1.00
Pure Mathematics C1 C2 Maths £5.00
A Level Mathematics for Edexcel: Core C1/C2 Maths £4.00
Mechanics 1 (Heinemann Modular Mathematics for Edexcel AS & A-level) Maths £2.00
Mathematics for the International Student-IB Diploma: SL (second edition) Maths £2.50
C1 Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Maths £3.00
C2 Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Maths £3.00
M1 Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Maths £3.00
D1 Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Maths £3.00
S1 Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Maths £3.00
FP1 Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Maths £3.00
FP2 Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Maths £3.00
FP3 Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Maths £3.00
Selected Piano Exam Pieces 2009-2010: Grade 2 Music £0.20
Selected Piano Exam Pieces 2011-2012: Grade 4 Music £0.20
Edexcel GCSE Anthology of Music Music £3.00
The World of Sport examined (second edition) Physical Education £0.25
AS-Level Physics (The Revision Guide) Physics £0.40
UK Government & Politics AS (second edition) Politics £1.00
AQA AS Unit 1 Government & Politics Politics £1.50
AQA AS Unit 2 Government & Politics Politics £1.50
AQA Government & Politics AS Politics £3.00
AQA Psychology B AS Psychology £2.50
AS-Level Psychology (The Revision Guide) Psychology £0.50
AQA (B) A2 Unit 1 Psychology Psychology £1.50
AQA (B) A2 Unit 2 Psychology Psychology £1.50
OCR Religious Ethics for AS and A2 (second edition) Religious Studies £1.00
Understanding Religious Ethics-A complete guide for OCR AS and A2 Religious Studies £2.00
Edexcel AS Religious Studies Student Book Religious Studies £4.00
Bodas De Sangre (Letras Hispanicas) Spanish £0.20