Have a look through the list of Biology books we have already bought to see how much you would receive for your books. We have also accompanied a few pictures of some of the books in the list to help you find your book.

Once you have found all the books you wish to sell or have some other books not on the list you wish to sell, simply click on Contact Us and follow our simple steps to selling your books.

Books we have bought Subject Money you will receive
GCSE Biology (The Revision Guide) Biology £2.00
Longman Biology for IGCSE Biology £0.15
IGCSE Biology Biology £1.50
Biology at a Glance Biology £0.25
Longman Biology Homework for Edexcel IGCSE Biology £1.50
Edexcel IGCSE Biology Biology £4.00
GCSE Biology (Third Edition) Biology £2.00
GCSE Double Science Biology (The Revision Guide – Higher level) Biology £0.20
AQA Biology for AS Biology £5.00
AQA Biology for A2 Biology £5.00
AQA Biology AS Biology £4.00
AQA AS-Level Biology (The Revision Guide) Biology £0.25
Data and Data handling for AS Level Biology Biology £1.00
Exam Revsion Notes AS/A-Level Biology Biology £1.50



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