Our Recycling Beliefs

At Money4Schoolbooks we believe in the ‘Recovery’ and ‘Re-use’ of old textbooks.

Money4Schoolbooks wants all of your old and unused textbooks so we can find new homes for them. At the same time we offer our customers a great cash reward for their old textbooks.

At the top of the recycling chain is re-use. It really is the way forward and ensures that textbooks get a new lease of life and another read out of them.

Our Planet Needs Us!

At Money4Schoolbooks we like to do our bit for the environment. We reuse almost all the textbooks we receive and make sure they get read again.

Our philosophy is we to seek to provide new homes for the textbooks that we buy from customers. They are not considered waste while they are circulating in the re-use market.

Nearly all the books sent to us are reusable and the small minority which are not are given to local charities.