History of Money4Schoolbooks

“Why are you throwing your books in the bin?”CIMG2901

The idea for Money4Schoolbooks started whilst I was doing my A-Levels. I had just finished my Chemistry exam and was walking back to the common room, when my friend threw his OCR Chemistry A-Level textbook in the nearest bin, which was already half filled with similar textbooks.

That was when I realised that there should be an easy way for students to sell their textbooks when they had finished with them. A way of receiving direct payment for their textbooks instead of leaving them to gather dust under their beds.

Money4Schoolbooks has now been going since 1st September 2011 and has already paid out over £2,000 to students across the country who have finished with their old textbooks from KS3 right through to University.

Money4Schoolbooks allows students to make some quick cash from their old textbooks whilst contributing to a greener planet.

Tom Howe
Founder of Money4Schoolbooks