I can’t find my textbook in your list, what should I do?

If you can’t find your textbook on the list, don’t worry!  Simply go to Contact Us and send us a list of your textbooks with the ISBN number and quantity and we will respond with a valuation and collection date within 24 hours.

What is an ISBN number and where is it?


How will I receive my money?

We will pay you in cash when we collect your textbooks!

I have a LARGE number of textbooks I want to sell. Can you help me?

We are used to buying textbooks in large quantities from schools, colleges, universities, wholesalers, distributors, bookstores, libraries and charities. In order to price up your collection, we need to know the ISBNs and quantities of each textbook you are selling.

I have some textbooks which are not in very good condition, will you still purchase them off me?

Although we are not very strict on the quality of the books people wish to sell to us, some textbooks are not in good enough condition for us to buy. To see if your book matches our criteria visit our Terms & Conditions page.

I have a general query regarding Money4Schoolbooks, is it ok to still use the contact page?

Ask away! How ever weird or irrelevant you think your question is ask it anyway by contacting us through our Contact Us page. You don’t need to worry about filling out the postcode or ISBN box as the message will get through to us regardless. Our team will be pleased to hear from you and will try its hardest to answer your question!

Is the information I submit on the ‘Contact Us’ page secure?

YES, we will NEVER sell your personal details to third parties for any marketing purposes or otherwise. For more details visit our Privacy Policy page.